Connected to the worldIf you don’t have a presence on the Internet or mobile
apps we help.  For those with current web site/database
we can provide parallel systems for utilizing the Internet
cloud to communicate with and control company resources.
Many times a parallel system can be beneficial for
efficiency and security reasons.

Legato Technology, Inc. possesses technology, a software source code inventory,
in-house built specifications and years of experience building Smart Phone/Tablet
applications, Server systems, Websites, databases and Smart Sensors/Controllers.
We build efficient web sites for customer experience as well as the server back-end.

Our Smart Phone/Tablet application inventory consists of apps available for useworld_phone_100_100
off the shelf.  We also have standard apps available for license which can be
customized to meet specific customer needs.
Examples of modifications include:

  • Installing customer company image within the app for branding purposes.
  • Embedding Internet Server information in the app you don’t want disclosed to your customers.
  • Integrating Internet Cloud Messaging Server information specific for your company.

The sensors/controllers we design and develop can be used off our shelf or modified to meet
your requirements.

Call (480) 636-8300 or click to contact us.  Let’s discuss your needs and opportunities you seek.  We can help.