Android APPLegato Technology, Inc., founded in 2002, designs systems & software for mobile, business applications and embedded systems. Our staff averages 25 years experience in the engineering field and has contributed to products in the automotive, consumer electronics, cellular, manufacturing, wireless and telecommunications industries.

Our mission is to work with small, medium and large companies helping them utilize the latest  technology expanding efficiency and profits.  We develop systems and software for Business applications, Mobile Apps, Back End Server Web/Database Systems and Engineering applications.

We utilize a combination of open source and custom technology to meet customer requirements.  Legato Technology, Inc. excels in executing projects from inception through design, development, verification, system-level testing and transfer to production.  We turn ideas and concepts into profitable high-tech systems.

Call (480) 636-8300 or click to contact us.  Let’s discuss your needs and opportunities you seek.  We can help.